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Portfolio Peer Reviews (PPR)

The PPR provides trustees, lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers with an objective assessment of performance, considering the portfolio performance versus defined peer groups.

This is a first level review designed to flag potential structural and performance issues allowing trustees, lawyers and wealth advisors to consider timely action.

  •  The PPR is a reporting solution to help with initial monitoring and investment oversight, providing an independent and objective assessment of performance.
  • The PPR is an automated factsheet which places portfolio performance into context versus a defined and relevant peer group.

  • The pertinent peer group is determined by portfolio volatility levels, utilising the ARC Private Client Indices.

  • Amongst a full complement of return information, the report contains a unique peer group ranking table, displaying the portfolio’s returns over various time periods as either being 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quartile.






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