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Every investment house should be signed up. Better for everyone, especially clients who have to deal with a somewhat opaque industry. Well done ARC

Ross Ciesla

Chief Investment Officer at Veritas Investment Partners

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Stephen McMahon, Group Chief Executive explains the power of The ARC Indices

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In a volatile market like this one, it’s easy for HNW & UHNW investors and their advisers to panic.

Advisers can struggle to answer client questions with confidence. Should they change investment managers, renegotiate fees, change strategy, or do nothing at all? We understand how emotional the act of investing can be, particularly when portfolios take a dip. But we also understand that the best decisions are informed ones.

Transparent, unbiased data is the best way to illuminate your next steps through an uncertain market. That’s what powers the ARC Indices. The Indices are the only market benchmarks composed of real results from real investor accounts—a total of 350,000 investment portfolios from over 140 firms. The Indices are the definitive guidepost for good investment performance under any conditions.

Professional advisers and investment managers rely on our quarterly update to make data-driven decisions. This is the backbone of the ARC Advantage—the missing ingredient to helping your portfolios achieve more. Best of all, there’s no cost to subscribe. Find out:

  • If your clients' investments are reaching industry benchmarks
  • If your clients' investment managers are doing their job effectively
  • If your clients need to be thinking about an alternative investment strategy

In a market like this one, can you and your clients do without that inside advantage? 

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The ARC Indices are an amazing resource. For years, institutional investors have used this kind of data to help them monitor the quality of their investment managers. Thank you Asset Risk Consultants for making this valuable information freely available to ordinary people.

Gariesh Sharma

Director Clarity AM

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