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We collect and analyse data on hundreds of thousands of real portfolios from investment managers who truly embrace transparency

The ARC Indices deliver an invaluable benchmarking tool to impartially compare your investment strategies against your competitors and peers. 

There are wide-ranging benefits of joining the community of investment managers embracing transparency in the pursuit of better investment performance for their clients.

Benefits of becoming a contributor

Accurate Performance Evaluation: The ARC Indices provide a reliable yardstick for investment managers to measure and evaluate the performance of their portfolios. By comparing their performance, managers can gauge their success and identify areas for improvement.

Robust Benchmarking: The ARC Indices offer robust benchmarking capabilities, enabling investment managers to assess their performance relative to industry standards with a licence to use the Indices in marketing and promotion. This benchmarking process fosters transparency, accountability and healthy competition, driving managers to strive for excellence.

Enhanced Credibility and Transparency: Utilising the ARC Indices enhances the credibility and transparency of investment managers. By aligning their performance metrics with widely recognized benchmarks, managers can instil confidence in their clients and differentiate themselves within the industry.

Industry Insights: The ARC Indices provide investment managers with valuable industry insights and trends across various asset classes and investment strategies. This knowledge empowers managers to make informed decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and navigate changing market dynamics effectively.

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Every investment house should be signed up. Better for everyone, especially clients who have to deal with a somewhat opaque industry. Well done ARC

Ross Ciesla

Chief Investment Officer at Veritas Investment Partners

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