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Performance Analysis Report (PAR)

The PAR is a more detailed solution which assists trustees, lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers in undertaking suitable performance oversight.


This report provides a more complete assessment of the portfolio through multi-faceted analysis, and summarises the most important aspects of a portfolio review in a concise format.

  • The PAR report provides a deeper examination of the portfolio by considering the portfolio’s objectives, risk levels, positioning and returns relative to market, target returns and the peer group. 
  • The PAR report also includes observations on portfolio structuring, suitability and risk.
  • We recalculate portfolio performance, providing independent verification of the data supplied by the investment manager.
  • The report contains an ARC Diamond Rating that underpins the analysis process and evaluates the risk-adjusted performance against the agreed benchmark. Each portfolio is then categorised, along with an explanatory note, as either being acceptable, or otherwise.
  • Once all the reviews have been undertaken, we sit down with our clients on a quarterly basis to discuss any portfolios where potential issues have been highlighted.


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