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Performance monitoring and analysis reporting

We provide trustees, lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers with performance reporting in an effective and informative manner.

Our reporting solutions save our clients time, provide reassurance and identify areas of elevated risk where timely intervention may be required.

The risk-based approach centres on one key question: for the risks being taken, have returns been acceptable?

We believe that performance should be placed into context versus not just a static index based benchmark but also a suitable peer group and opportunity set.

Delivery of our Performance Reporting service is flexible, underpinned by a firm analytical process.

 A little more...

Our performance monitoring and analysis reporting is aimed to suit individual needs.

The depth of analysis undertaken and the frequency of performance reviews should be dependent on the size and complexity of the portfolio.

An investment oversight program remains an important consideration for those with fiduciary responsibilities - a robust and regular investment review process can highlight not just poor performance but also unsuitable risks before they result in investment losses.

Questions such as “is the portfolio meeting its objectives?”, “how is my manager performing?”, “is the level of volatility appropriate when compared to market and peers?” are frequently encountered during the review process.

We have designed our Performance Reporting service to assist trustees, lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers in addressing their fiduciary responsibilities; the report types have varying levels of investment assessment and risk transference.

Along with a report for each individual portfolio, we also provide concise management information in our summary reports, which are ideal for investment committee and board meetings.


Portfolio Peer Reviews (‘PPR’)

Portfolio Peer Reviews (PPR) are automated factsheets that place performance into context versus defined peer group. They are designed to flag potential structural and performance issues allowing trustees, lawyers and wealth advisors to consider timely action.

Portfolio Peer Reviews

Performance Analysis Report (‘PAR’)

The PAR places performance into context versus a number of metrics including benchmark and peer group. It provides advice on portfolio structure, suitability and risk and highlights changes in performance. Each report gives clear recommendations for lawyers, trustees and wealth planners to consider and act upon as necessary.


Performance Analysis

Asset Risk Consultants are perceived by the leading trustees, lawyers, accountants and wealth advisors as the foremost innovator and provider of reporting services.