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ARC Private Client Indices (PCI)

Gain a unique insight into the actual returns being generated by investment managers for their discretionary private client portfolios. The four PCI performance series are based on real performance numbers provided by participating investment managers.

The PCI provide an accurate reflection of the actual returns that a private client should expect for a given risk appetite. This approach leaves investment managers free to use any and all investment strategies, vehicles and structures in the pursuit of the maximum return per unit of realised volatility.

The PCI are a peer group comparison tool designed to provide an understanding of the performance generated by discretionary private client investment managers.  The Indices are based on real performance numbers provided by participating investment managers and focus on high quality data with no model or synthetic data being used.

Strength in depth

There are four categories based on risk-profile relative to equity markets: Cautious, Balanced Asset, Steady  Growth and Equity Risk. PCI indices are available in five currencies: Sterling, US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar.

Why use PCI?

The ARC PCI series allow performance to be assessed against a realistic and sizeable peer group for the first time. With over seventy investment houses contributing performance data, all the major investment styles, approaches and philosophies are represented ensuring that PCI  is unique in coverage and scope.
For private clients and their professional advisers, PCI provides an objective means of placing investment  performance into context. Reflecting the opportunity set afforded by today’s sophisticated and ever changing financial market, PCI is a barometer for the state of the private client investment management industry.

Who is it for?

Trustees, private client lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers dealing with high net worth individuals. Subscribers can access a quarterly report setting out performance statistics and contact details for all contributors on

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