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Placing performance into perspective

ARC has an extensive research capability designed to assist investors and their professional advisers in making informed investment decisions. The central aim of this research function is to place performance into perspective. Our research services are available ad-hoc or through the use of one of our online platforms.

Core Research Services

Risk profiling

The goal of the risk profiling exercise is to establish a realistic risk budget as the basis for asset allocation modelling. Our risk profiling questionnaire incorporates these principles to provide an integrated risk report.

Asset allocation modelling

Anecdotal and academic evidence points toward the fact that, for a given risk budget, asset allocation is the most important driver of returns. Our modelling covers both the strategic decisions and the tactical asset allocation shifts. 

Manager due diligence

Our manager due diligence process comprises an ongoing programme of on-site manager visits, our unique database of model and real portfolio performance and a proprietary due diligence report.

Private client & charity indices

Our indices provide a unique insight into the actual returns being generated by investment managers. The performance series are based on real numbers provided by participating investment managers.

ARC Research Tools

The ‘Suggestus’ Platform

We have compiled all the data you need to make informed recommendations for your clients. We create client risk profiles, manager filters and generate comprehensive reports designed specifically for client advisers.

Private Client Indices

Gain a unique insight into the actual returns being generated by investment managers for their discretionary private client portfolios. The PCI performance series are based on real performance numbers provided by participating investment managers.

PCI provide an accurate reflection of the actual returns that a private client should expect for a given risk appetite. This approach leaves investment managers free to use any and all investment strategies, vehicles and structures in the pursuit of the maximum return per unit of realised volatility.

ARC Charity Indices

Created specifically for Charities, the ACI are a set of four sterling denominated indices compiled to help charity trustees and their advisers understand their investment portfolio performance in a peer group context.  As with the sister PCI series, the ACI can provide a valuable insight into how investment managers are performing on a risk-adjusted basis.

Alternatively, the ACI can provide the answer to how much return are managers generating for the level of risk taken.