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Why Use A Consultant?

Just as there are different styles of investment management, there are a variety of approaches taken by investment consultants. Our approach is designed to offer our clients peace of mind through regular relevant dialogue and a fierce independence.


Like any area of business, the investment world has a language of its own. Some of the terminology is easy to understand, some is open to misinterpretation.  Surveys suggest that the most common reason for investment managers being dismissed is communication failure rather than poor performance versus peer group.

Diversity brings complexity

Few investors wish to place all their investment assets with a single fund manager. Rather, they prefer to employ several investment managers, often with differing investment mandates and styles. This diversity, whilst delivering risk reduction, makes portfolio design and analysis more complex.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Despite the widespread usage of past performance in marketing by investment houses, the ubiquitous disclaimer states that the future is uncertain! Why?  Because economic conditions change, asset classes move in and out of favour, investment managers move jobs, investment companies acquire and are acquired etc.

The only constant is change

A successful investment strategy needs to recognise that change is inevitable. The catalyst for change might be investor-led, through changing circumstances and aspirations, or driven by manager-related issues, such as performance and service. Whatever the cause, it is essential that the process of change is actively managed. Anecdotally, the greatest performance drag private investors suffer is not attributable to poor manager selection but to a lack of change management.

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