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Performance Monitoring

Once an investment manager has been appointed, investors need to know whether performance is in line with expectation. Our approach places particular emphasis on identifying early warning signals of potential trouble ahead. We also provide a clear escalation procedure, with manager change as the ultimate resort rather than the initial reaction.

Performance is multi-faceted

No single statistic can accurately reflect the quality and consistency of manager performance. Rather performance needs to consider multiple time horizons, risk as well as return, performance trends and style-related factors.

Use of benchmarks

Benchmarks fulfil a useful function as a performance yardstick. Often a composite of underlying indices, a benchmark should describe the asset allocation that a manager would adopt if they had no strong views on specific asset classes, regions and sectors.

Peer group comparisons

ARC is the creator of a unique set of Private Client Indices (PCI) designed to be used by private clients and their advisers in assessing the performance of any discretionary portfolio with a non-specialist mandate.

Available in Sterling, US Dollar and Euro, there are four PCI categories covering the spectrum of risk: Cautious; Balanced Asset; Steady Growth; and Equity Risk. PCI provides an objective means of placing investment performance into context based on around fifty discretionary private client managers contributing real portfolio performance data.

Reflecting all major investment styles, approaches and philosophies, the PCI universe is unique in coverage and scope. As such, PCI provides a barometer for the state of the private client discretionary investment management industry.

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