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19 September 2017 FREE Performance QuickCheck tool launched

ARC is pleased to announce today the launch of Performance QuickCheck, a new free online tool designed to estimate how an investment portfolio is performing versus ARC’s Private Client Indices and ARC Charity Indices peer groups.

Accessed via ARC’s research portal, QuickCheck allows anyone to compare a portfolio’s performance against the tens of thousands of investment portfolios collected by ARC each quarter to construct both the Private Client Indices and the ARC Charity Indices. Within a few clicks, users will be able to produce a one page report that provides a health check on the portfolio.

Designed with simplicity of use in mind, QuickCheck doesn’t require reams of historical data which can be difficult to find. Instead, just select your currency, choose how much you would typically have invested in equities and input the portfolio return over any custom time period. A PDF report is instantly produced informing the user of the health of their portfolio performance, relative to the peer group.

Graham Harrison, ARC Group Managing Director, said:

“The ability to perform a health check on either your own or your client’s portfolio should be a swift and easy process, and the goal of QuickCheck is to be the starting point for this process. The tool is designed to offer either immediate peace of mind, or to highlight that a more detailed analysis might be required.”

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