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We're proud to be responsible employers and support our community

Corporate Responsibility Statement

Integrity is one of the ARC Group’s four pillars, alongside independence; innovation; and insight. It is therefore important to everyone who works for ARC that the ARC Group and all its staff seek to operate in a socially responsible manner. This objective means that as a company ARC seeks both to be a responsible employer and to show responsibility in society. We aim to treat suppliers; employees; and clients with courtesy and respect and we expect them to mirror the same standards.

Therefore, ARC Group has a zero tolerance approach to any form of tax evasion. We are committed to acting with integrity and transparency in all business dealings and to putting proportionate, risk based systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of tax evasion taking place within or being facilitated by, the business or associated persons. Likewise, the issue of Modern Slavery is taken seriously and we encourage staff to report any concerns under the ARC whistle blowing policy and will, where appropriate, require suppliers to adhere to applicable legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act 2015. In addition, ARC will not condone the giving or receiving of bribes by any members of staff; contractors or suppliers.

Responsible Employers

ARC’s continuing and long-term success depends on the quality and commitment of people working within the Group. It is a priority for ARC to provide an attractive and stimulating working environment for employees to retain, foster and develop our pool of talented professionals in order to deliver the best possible advice and service to our clients.

We provide extensive training and personal development opportunities within a collegiate environment. Innovation is a key facet of ARC’s mission and innovation is driven by our people. Meet the team here. As well as comprehensive healthcare benefits for all staff, we offer a sabbatical leave scheme whereby after 5 years of service, employees are given an additional 3 weeks paid leave and encouraged to take a longer break from the working environment to spend with family or undertake that long distance trip. Other benefits include flexible working arrangements, home office and grants as well as support for professional qualifications.

Responsibility in Society

ARC provides professional services to a number of major UK charitable institutions and is always increasing its presence in this market. ARC is able to bring  to bear unparalleled analytics and consulting expertise in this area, which can meaningfully improve investment outcomes. Not least ARC provides services to Comic Relief to assist in its goal of effective investment management, so increasing the social contribution the charity can make.  In addition, ARC has created charity manager indices and charity fund reports which, at little or no cost, strengthen a charity’s investment understanding.

On a human level ARC and its employees are actively engaged in volunteering and collecting money for a wide range of charities, as well as providing premises and facilities to one. The range of charities includes:

Helping disadvantaged people overseas – Tumaini Fund (premises and IT support)

Helping young people learning to sail and enjoy water based sport – Guernsey Sailing Trust

Helping the elderly – Les Bourgs Hospice

Helping children – Children’s Youth Tribunal

Helping all members of society – St John’s

Fund raising for many charities, both by means of participation in events and monthly ‘mufti day’ events, Is also an important part of staff charitable involvement.

ARC is proud to support the Tumaini Fund, a charity that seeks to alleviate the terrible suffering of AIDS widows and orphans in Kagera, the most North-West province of Tanzania. See for more information on their great work.    ARC provides corporate support services including dedicated office space, technical support and internet access to ensure that 100% of every donation goes out to go to the children and families of the Kagera region.

The Tumaini Fund is a registered charity in Guernsey (no. CH187) and a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities (no. 266), see  Tumaini UK - Working for the Widows and Orphans of Tanzania, is a registered charity in the UK (no. 1143833), see

ARC is also proud to be the principal sponsor of Karina Bowie, a member of the ARC Research Team.  Having competed in triathlon at the World Championships in Florida for the half Ironman distance, Karina then concentrated on cycling. Among many notable achievements Karina has participated at the Commonwealth Games and won multiple gold medals at the RTTC National Championships.  In addition, Karina has represented Great Britain at the UWCT Time Trial Championships in Denmark and in Australia.


ARC supports local, national and international charities through employee driven fund raising and sponsorship, including: