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We're proud to be responsible employers and support our community

Corporate Responsibility Statement

Integrity is one of the ARC Group’s four pillars, alongside independence, innovation and insight. It is therefore important to everyone who works for ARC that the ARC Group and all its staff seek to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We aim to treat suppliers, employees and clients with courtesy and respect and we expect them to mirror the same standards.

In line with this approach, ARC Group has a zero tolerance approach to any form of financial crime, including tax evasion or opaque business dealings. We aim to institute proportionate, risk based systems and controls in place to safeguard against financial crime in all its forms, taking place within or being facilitated by, the business or associated persons. Likewise, the issue of Modern Slavery is taken seriously and we encourage staff to report any concerns under the ARC whistle blowing policy and, where appropriate, requires suppliers to adhere to applicable legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act 2015. In addition, ARC does not condone the giving or receiving of bribes by any members of staff, contractors or suppliers.

Responsible Employers

ARC’s continuing and long-term success depends on the quality and commitment of people working within the Group. It is a priority for ARC to provide an attractive and stimulating working environment for employees to retain, foster and develop our pool of talented professionals in order to deliver the best possible advice and service to our clients. To this end, we provide extensive training and personal development opportunities within a collegiate environment. Innovation is a key facet of ARC’s mission and innovation is driven by our people. Meet the team here.

Responsibility to Society

ARC provides professional services to a number of major charitable institutions. ARC’s proprietary tool kit is designed to meaningfully improve investment outcomes and increase understanding of investment opportunities, including those that target an environmental or social theme. An illustration of commitment to these ideals would be the ARC charity portfolio performance indices and charity fund reports which, at no cost to the user, strengthen a charity’s investment understanding.

ARC supports local, national and international charities through employee driven fund raising and sponsorship, including:

  • Helping disadvantaged people overseas ‐ Tumaini Fund (premises and IT support)
  • Helping young people learning to sail and enjoy water based sport ‐ Guernsey Sailing Trust
  • Helping the elderly ‐ Les Bourgs Hospice
  • Helping all members of society ‐ St John’s Ambulance
  • Helping the environment, both flora (One Tree Planted) and fauna (the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust).

ARC’s commitment to our society and the planet has also led us to be a proud signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investments.

Signatory of UN Principles for Responsible Investment