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ARC provides investment consulting, manager research and performance reporting to private clients, charities, family offices, professional trustees and their trusted advisers.

ARC was formed in 1995 and employs over 60 consultants, analysts, developers and support staff. Offices in London, Guernsey, Jersey and Toronto service a global client base.

Partnership Not Control

Investment consulting is fundamentally different to investment management in that we do not seek to control our client's assets. Rather we seek to work alongside each of our clients in identifying, appointing and monitoring the various components making up their portfolio.

Outsourcing Solutions

For some of our clients, rather than using in-house resources, outsourcing investment functions to ARC is the most efficient route. Our team of consultants provide outsourcing solutions to trustees, investment managers and wealth advisers covering all aspects of manager research and performance reporting.

Our People

ARC has been successful in attracting top-quality staff with a diverse range of backgrounds. As with all consulting businesses, success depends crucially on the motivation and commitment of the staff and therefore all employees have an element of remuneration directly related to the success of the business.

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“Suggestus Due Diligence reports can be used as a first ‘port of call’ to provide all the basic required information. This allows for much better time management all around, whilst also ensuring that all the salient risk issues are addressed.”


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