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Case Study Helping a prestigious wealth planning firm create a strong, repeatable and manageable process for identifying investment managers

A leading financial service practice offering strategic planning and asset allocation advice to top City professionals, business owners and wealthy individuals came to us. They work extensively with partners in the Big Four accountancy practices and Magic Circle law firms. Their goal is to help their clients accumulate and enhance their lifetime’s wealth. They do this by providing practical, tax efficient and transparent advice surrounded by a high level of proactive service.


The client was an early adopter of the investment management outsourcing model and wanted to create a strong, repeatable and manageable process for identifying discretionary investment managers that would suit their individual clients, as well as deliver an excellent service.

How ARC helped

After due consideration and discussion around the requirements, ARC recommended a segmented panel of investment managers defined by risk and client portfolio size. Recognising that it is unlikely that a single investment manager will be equally “good” at managing a £100,000 Cautious portfolio, and a £25m Growth type portfolio, ARC created a Preferred Manager Matrix.

The Matrix features a blend of managers identified using ARC’s 42 factor manager assessment tool, differentiated by philosophy, culture and style. The Research Team at ARC works alongside the client to monitor the constituents and composition of their Matrix to provide on-going comfort that the investment managers selected for client continue to meet client objectives.

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