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Case Study Helping a family understand their investment position

A wealthy family, with their own family office, had suffered a mixed experience with investment managers.  There was no recognised investment expertise within the family office and the individual family members preferred to arrange their own investment affairs.

Over time, the structure of the family’s wealth became fragmented with a multitude of portfolios with diverse mandates, managed by different investment managers.  The family’s lawyer suggested ARC was engaged to review the family’s overall financial position, and make any appropriate recommendations.

What did we do?

The first stage was to establish the family's position by producing a consolidated report of all the investment portfolios for each family member, and as a whole.  This provided a clear picture of what was where, and if it was performing in line with expectations.

An appraisal of the investment policy statement followed to ensure that the family's expectations, and what was laid out in the policy statement was achievable and realistic.

The underlying managers were also reviewed and a strategy of simplification was proposed, alongside a series of manager selection exercises using ARC's extensive research and knowledge.

The outcome?

Restoration of the "sleep at night" factor for the family.  The uncertainty of what all their investment managers were doing has been removed and ARC has provided the added comfort that there is a specialist, independent expert monitoring the family's investment affairs.

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