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Case Study Adopting a consistent approach to performance assessment

ARC was approached by a global, independent provider of trust, corporate and fund administration services, with more than 300 employees across 10 jurisdictions. They wanted to adopt a consistent approach to the performance assessment of their client investment portfolios and also ensure that the investment managers they were awarding mandates to were appropriate and suitable. The multi-office, multi-jurisdictional nature of the Group created a logistical challenge, was time consuming and required specialist knowledge.

The ARC Solution

ARC was engaged to provide advice on portfolio structure and performance, suitability and risk with clearly articulated recommendations for advisers to consider and act upon as deemed necessary. Through ARC’s Performance Analysis Reports (PARs), investment performance was placed into context both versus peer group and an agreed benchmark. In addition, each quarter manager performance figures are verified, asset allocation analysis undertaken, and clear written comments on recommended actions provided. ARC attends quarterly meetings to review the reports and assists with any concerns or issues.

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